Michelle and Matt - Crystal Springs NJ Wedding

Michelle and Matt's wedding was my last of 2017, and they helped me close the year out they way every photographer wants to finish their season - with lots of opportunities to capture great moments, an awesome couple, and a crazy shindig to cap the night.  I never feel like I'm working when I'm shooting weddings, and I especially enjoyed the time I spent photographing Michelle and Matt and their friends and family.

Michelle and Rob's Hudson Valley Wedding at FEAST at Round Hill

Michelle and Rob first contacted me back in January of 2016.  After we met up, I couldn't wait for their wedding, which was 20 months away.  Their wedding certainly justified my anticipation.  Working with Michelle and Rob was a treat, and not once during the day did I feel like I was at work.  Everything about their wedding reflected them as a couple, and that always makes me happy.  Add to that the fact that I love working at FEAST at Round Hill, and you have a recipe for a fantastic wedding.

Holly and Steve's Warwick, NY Wedding

A classic car, a Dudeist priest, a Hobbit ring bearer, S'mordor, and Die Antwoord on the playlist for the reception.  Holly and Steve's wedding was filled with things to be excited for, and it did not disappoint.  Throw in the fact that Holly and Steve are some of the most relaxed, easy going, fun loving people I've had the privilege to work with, and you have the recipe for an epic wedding day.

Kelly and Anthony's Black Bear Crystal Springs Wedding

I had the privilege of photographing Kelly's sister's wedding back in October of 2016.  It was such a blast, so naturally I had high expectations for Kelly and Anthony's wedding this May.  They did not disappoint.  Every one of their friends and family members made me feel completely welcome, and Kelly and Anthony made my day a breeze.  They're some of the most easy going, caring people I've ever had the pleasure to work with.  Check out some of the highlights from their wedding below!

Kaylene and Jamane's David's Country Inn Wedding

Kaylene and Jamane are one of those couples that no matter what you're doing, with them you have a great time.  After we met over fruity drinks to discuss their wedding, I couldn't wait for their wedding.  My excitement was justified; their wedding was a true reflection of who they are, caring, fun, and all around awesome.

Charlsie and Warren's Jersey City Wedding

Charlsie and Warren got married on about the hottest day you could imagine.  That didn't phase them, though, as they had a wonderful day with close friends and relatives that yielded some of my favorite photos of 2016.  Luckily I was able to find a way onto their immensely packed dance floor to grab some photos at the end of the night.

Alyssa and Jake's New York State Wedding

Alyssa and Jake's wedding is a perfect example of why I love what I do.  I got to spend time with some awesome, friendly people, experienced a beautiful venue, I've never been to before, and got to share my passion with people who care about photography.  Here are some of my favorites from their magnificent wedding.

Jess and Dan's Lafayette NJ Wedding

Jess and Dan had a perfectly low-key day with a close-knit group of friends and family at their wedding, but that's not to say it wasn't a blast.  They had excellent weather, a lovely ceremony, plenty of time for portraits (which I always appreciate,) and a great party at the end of the night to top it all off.  Some of my favorite photos of the year came from this wedding, and I believe that was a result of the easy-going and fun-loving demeanors of Jess and Dan.  Check em out below!