Best of 2018 Wedding Photography - NJ Wedding Photographer

Well, well, well…. Here we are again. Another year has passed, and I’m still blown away by the fact that I get to capture one of the happiest days of people’s lives for a living. To be completely honest, when I got into wedding photography, I didn’t expect to like it. I’d always thought of wedding photographers as grumpy, jaded, uninterested people with cameras telling people what to do at weddings, just waiting for the minute they’re done for the day. I quickly learned that that doesn’t have to be the case, and that weddings offer so many opportunities for a photographer to express creativity, constantly hone their craft, and most importantly, to help couples immortalize the moments of their wedding day. I really don’t know if I’d be as enamored with photography as I am now if it weren’t for weddings and the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.

That group of wonderful people, the ones who make my career worthwhile, is predominantly made up of the people who chose and trusted me to document their weddings. I’m thankful for every last one of you, and I hope that the photos and memories I provide you with show you how truly grateful I am. Because of you, I’m able to continue doing what I love, and most importantly, you’re the reason I can say that I can’t wait to go to work weekend after weekend. Thank you.

Another faction of that group of wonderful people are the ones who help me succeed in the world of wedding photography. First and foremost, I need to thank my wife, Melissa. You’ve been the single biggest inspiration for me these last few years, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve helped me with this year, from assisting on weddings to getting better at SEO and everything in between. Dennis, thank you as always for all the opportunities you’ve provided me with while second shooting for you. Last year I thanked Dennis for letting me beat him in golf so often. I hate to admit it, but this year it was pretty much an even split. I even managed to shoot a 117 somehow. Yikes. Touché, Dennis. Tommy, thanks for coming through in the clutch while shooting for me, and for having me as part of your team. I don’t know if I’ll ever enjoy fast food as much as I did with you in Maryland. Chris, thank you for bringing me along to shoot with you at some awesome weddings. And thanks for reminding me that I need to be more active to keep up with you (thanks to the Apple Watch for that, too.) To everyone who has shot with me/assisted for me, Tommy, Brandon, Danny, Justin, Matt, thank you guys for all of your hard work and company this season. Garret Torres Photography wouldn’t be where it is today without you.

Alright, that’s enough writing to last me through 2019, maybe even 2020. Here’s what you all came here for: