Kayla and Nuri - Perona Farms Wedding - Andover, NJ

Some weddings really stick out in my mind when I recount all the ones I’ve photographed. It’s only been two weeks, but I can already tell Kayla and Nuri’s will be one of those weddings. I had such a great time working with everyone involved in their day, and it was so stress-free that it almost felt like something was wrong. Kayla and Nuri won’t be the only ones wishing they could redo their wedding day over and over again.

Side note: if you need to set up a retirement fund, talk to Nuri. Reach out to me and I’ll give you his info. I can say from experience that he’s fantastic to work with! And though I can’t speak from experience about Kayla, I think I’m safe to assume that she’s a wonderful teacher :)