My Editing Mixtape

Well, I guess it's not really a mixtape if there's no tape.  It's more of an iTunes playlist.  Mixtape sounds better.

Anyway, I've been doing a boatload of editing recently, and anyone who knows me knows that I can't do anything without music.  So I've decided to take a bit of a break and share my playlist with you all.  Leave a comment with some songs you think I should add to the playlist or any thoughts (like how you admire my amazing taste in music) you have after reading!

1.  Ascending From Ashes - Thundergun

Ascending From Ashes was the first band I ever photographed.  Since then, they've been one of my favorite bands.  This song is off of their most recent EP.  This is an awesome song to start with because of the out-of-nowhere heavy hitting intro that sets the tone for the rest of the song.  Metal perfection.

2.  A Day to Remember - Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End

Here's another heavy one.  They say metal is to today's generation what classical music was to the generations of the late 1800s to the early 1900s.  It makes sense - it's intricate and dramatic.  This song is particularly dramatic around 2:39.  Being in a mosh pit while hearing "you won't make it out alive" is pretty exhilarating.

3.  Die Antwoord - Enter the Ninja

Weird, just really weird.  My girlfriend Melissa introduced me to this song a few months ago, and we always listen and sing along to it as a joke.  It's actually quite interesting though if you do some research about this group and their genre.  And I have to admit, it's catchy as hell.

4.  Icon For Hire - Only a Memory

I really hope this band makes it big.  I photographed them and spoke to them at Warped Tour last summer and they were completely awesome people.  They have some of the best stage presence I've seen and their energy is right up there with the greats.  If they start getting radio play, watch out.  They're bound to take over Paramore's throne (and I love Paramore.)

5.  Queen - I Want to Break Free

Everyone knows who Queen is.  Not everyone knows this song.  After a few darker songs on my playlist, this one is about as bright as it can get.  If I ever need a pick-me-up song, this is the one.

6.  The Offspring - Half-Truism

Another dramatic song.  The chorus is one of the most catchy passages I've ever heard, both in terms of music and lyrics.  The song is called Half-Truism, but the lyrics "our light that shines strong only lasts for so long" is as true as it gets.  I'm not a pessimist, but I love lyrics that are real and fearless.

7.  Bruno Mars - If I Knew

Bruno Mars is the ultimate entertainer of our time.  I put the live video up because if you don't agree with me, you need to watch it.  Incredible voice, full band on stage, crowd interaction, it doesn't get much better than that.  This is probably my favorite song of his, and it shows how he can conquer pretty much any style of music flawlessly.

8. Ghost B.C. - Ghuleh/Zombie Queen

Ghost is another band on the rise.  Their music and appearance are totally anti-religious, but they never really go overboard with it.  They've perfected being a cult act and their music isn't half bad either.  Reminds me of Black Sabbath.  This track goes from super mellow to super upbeat around the 3-minute mark, and it's awesome through and through.

9.  Maroon 5 - Through With You

Before Maroon 5 sold out and became "Adam Levine singing boring songs over boring music," they were a rock band.  Their first album is great from start to finish.  This song's tempo and rhythm sticks with me and I always find myself bobbing my head to it no matter what I'm doing.  Again, dramatic.

10.  Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo

Here's another weird one to end the list.  If you just listen to the lyrics, you might not understand it, but after seeing the video you definitely will.  Just like most of the songs on this list, this one is dramatic.  From slow and mellow to heavy and hard-hitting.  Mike Patton, the singer from Mr. Bungle, is one of the most talented musicians that not a lot of people know about.  If you like this song, I highly recommend you listen to the whole California album and see how versatile this band is.  Versatile is a complete understatement.