Emily and Ken - California Redwoods Elopement Photographer

I don’t usually write a lot in these blog posts. I became a wedding photographer because I love storytelling, but I’m not the best with words. However, I could say so much about Emily and Kenny and their amazing wedding in the redwoods of California. So I will.

Back in the days of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger for those of you who have never lived) I got a message from someone about one of the Madden NFL games on Xbox. We continued talking for days, weeks, months, and I never actually knew who it was. One thing I remember this person talking about was a book his cousin gave him.

Fast forward a couple months to Mr. Hill’s 8th grade history class. I sat behind Kenny. One day, he started talking about a book. He mentioned his cousin gave it to him. And then it all finally made sense. I’d been talking to Kenny this entire time without even knowing it. I didn’t tell him about this until years after it happened, mainly because I felt like an idiot. Since then, though, Kenny has been one of my best friends. We played baseball together, currently play wiffle ball together (yes you read that right), went to the last game at Shea Stadium together, drove to Florida and back multiple times, saw the Mets lose the 2015 World Series in person together, and we have shared some of the best times of my life.

I met Emily when I was working at The Picture People in the mall. Back then, I was the guy who met with you after you had your pictures taken to try to sell you prints and all that fun stuff. Ironically, I never even got to use a camera there. Emily, on the other hand, did get to use a camera. She and I laughed our heads off playing Madlibs and finding creative ways to vacuum one night when we were closing. She was by far the coolest cat at The Picture People besides yours truly. I told Emily she should meet my friend Kenny, and one day he and our friend Dave came into the studio and had Emily take their photos. Shortly after that, they got together outside of Emily’s job and they hit it off immediately. The rest, as they say, is history. If it sounds like I’m taking credit for their relationship, that’s because I am.

I couldn’t be happier for these two. They’re some of my best friends, and they were clearly meant for each other. Just ask anyone who’s spent 5 minutes with them. It was an absolute honor to be able to capture the memories of their incredible wedding for them, but it was even more of an honor to be standing up there with Kenny as a groomsman.

I can hear you thinking, “how did you shoot photos of the ceremony and wedding party then, Garret?” Well that’s where another one of my best friends comes in. Dennis worked as my second shooter for the first time in the 7 seasons we’ve been working together. Some of these photos would have been literally impossible without him, so thanks for crushing it as usual, Dennis!

Okay. Wow. That was a lot for me. I could keep going, but I’m gonna cut it here. You came here for the photos, not to read a novel. Enjoy.

Venue: Deer Park Villa

Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Dolls

Floral: Home Sweet Flowers

Coordinators: Cotton & Oak and Stacey & Company

DJ: Runaway DJ

Catering: Ray’s Catering

Dress: Tara Keely from Kleinfeld Bridal

Videography: This Charming Heart