Jess and Rob - Renault Winery - New Jersey Wedding Photographers

I first met Jess at her brother’s wedding back in 2016. Working with their family was such a great experience; they’re energetic, loving, and just all-around great people. I was so excited when Jess asked me to photograph her wedding that I’d have the opportunity to work with them again. Jess was such an amazing bride. Cool, calm, and as carefree as you can be when planning a wedding just months before it happens. When I first met with her and Rob, it was like we were old friends. Though Rob seemed like a man of few words at first, we ended up talking about all sorts of things, and he might have even invited me to Amsterdam with him while he’s on duty. Speaking of which, Rob is an active member of our nation’s Air Force, and for that reason, I am honored to have been a part of such an important day in his life. Thank you for your sacrifices and for putting others before you, Rob. Jess, thank you for presenting me with another incredible experience in my career. And both of you, thank you for trusting me with your day and for making me feel like family!