New Series

Yes, I have many an ongoing series.  iConeography, SPLASH, Diner Demographic, and now this new one.  It doesn't have a name, I only group them by location and that's what I will be calling them (unless I think of a clever name.)  

I went to New York City this past Monday with no set assignment in mind.  I knew I wanted to photograph people, I just didn't know any specifics.  When I was there, I realized that almost everywhere you look, someone is taking a picture.  That's when I decided to make a series of photos of people taking photos.  It may seem like the easy way to do things, but making a good photo of something that has such a small window of opportunity is really where the challenge lies.  First, I was just getting into position and waiting for people to go where I wanted them to.  It wasn't as easy as it seems.  Then, to try to gain more control, I would set up chairs in picturesque spots, sneak up behind people, or completely get in their face for the shot I wanted.  I'm going to post my favorites on here, but if you go to my Facebook page, you can see them all.